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Anarchy is a progressive raiding guild on the Shu'Halo server.  Anarchy was forged when one team knew the direction they wanted to go and were held back. Anarchy came together in April 2010 and began raiding, progression has been consistent ever since.  In April of 2011, their allies from The Apocalypse came over and formed one guild and one united front. 

Anarchy has two raiding teams and are always looking for new guild members. 
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Amelee, Jan 23, 12 1:41 PM.
First and foremost, we are a raiding guild that has strong values regarding friendship and rules of the game.

First, we ask that you respect ALL members of the guild. You don't have to like everyone but you do have to respect everyone.

We ask that you do not troll in guild asking for run throughs of low level dungeons. We ask that you not ask for gold or for mats. We have friendly members that will help if you ask but they are not here to give it all away.

If you have a dispute with a guild member, please keep it out of guild chat. We ask that you try to settle it privately or take it to an officer assist. If that doesn't work then please bring it to an officr or a GM.

Second, we understand WoW is just a game however, there are rules to every game. We have to follow rules so that everyone has fun.

We have rankings. When you start with us, you are an initiate. If you want to get promoted, then you must be fully enchanted and gemmed for raiding and will be moved to raider status. In order to be a core raider you must be invited to a raid team.

Fourth, We have two raid teams, raid team green and raid team red. If you want to try out for these teams please speak to the raid leads. You can also speak to them about getting put on their standby lists.  Please also understand that raid teams have rules. Raiding isn't about one person, its about 10 people on a team and decisions that are made on raid teams effect everyone.  

Fifth, We have worked hard to make Anarchy a guild to be proud of.  We do not condone trade trolling and bad behavior on our server. 
Raid Ready,  If you have questions about being raid ready, please find Amesham/Amelee for help. While dps isnt all about numbers, it is necessary that everyone pull their own weight and we have members that can help with explaining specs, etc.

Raid Issues, If you have a problem while in a guild raid, please take that issue privately to the raid lead. Anything that cannot be solved by a raid lead can then go to officer assists, then officers, then GMs.

If you are confused or have questions, please speak to any officer or one of the GM's
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